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Why Finland Remains Open To Basic Income

Global media outlets were quick to pass judgement on the basic income initiative currently being conducted in Finland. The Finnish Government recently opted to not extend the trial circulating conjecture the scheme had indeed failed.

But Europe's first national basic income experiment providing monthly stipends of 560 euros ($900) to a random sample of 2,000 unemployed people aged 25 to 58 with no obligation to seek or accept employment was always designed to be just that, a trial.

Seeking to promote employment in a country with rapidlyageing population (most outside Japan) and an unemployment rate of 8.5% the Finnish Government insists nothing has changed
The trial is set to run its full course and like all experiments the data collected will be evaluated before making any decision about expanding the initiative.
Finnish institutions take pride in evidence based policies, hence a willingness to be open and pilot ideas to reform and simplify the welfare system should come as no sur…

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