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Finnish sneak peek: elections

19 March is the Minna Canth Day, also known as Equality Day. In 1906, Finland was the fist country to provide full universal suffrage - women were given not only the right to vote but also the right to stand as candidates.

The latest Finnish election was conducted in last January in order to elect the president for Finland for the upcoming 6 years. The voting percentage of Finnish citizens living in Finland was 69.9 % and 13.3 % of Finnish citizens living abroad. The majority of the citizens have voted in this presidential or in some earlier election but not so many know what happens from the election official's perspective.

Below you can sneak a look to discover what happens behind the scenes.

17 Nov 2017, at 18.50
"Ping!" says my iPhone, signalling a newly received email.

The message is from Mr Antti Niemelä, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Finland in Canberra. That's the place where I will start my three month internship. The message says that as a part of…

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