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Cool breezes, Craziness and Cakes in Canberra

When I first arrived in Canberra on a Saturday morning in July, I froze. Not because I was nervous or had a culture shock – it was literally so cold. I was not prepared for it being colder in Australia than in Finland when I left my hometown Oulu. I guess Australia did a good enough job with its dreamy travel destination promotion to make me forget to check the local weather properly when I was packing. Oops.

When chatting with locals and telling them I was surprised by the coldness, they would say: “But you’re from Finland, you must be used to it!” I had no choice but to embrace my inner Viking if I was to survive in icy Canberra. Luckily I was born with a lifetime dose of the Finnish “sisu” running through my veins. Still my first purchases in Canberra were warm gloves and a beanie.
Priority number two was coffee. Like most Finns, I also love coffee to the moon and back. After traveling over 30 hours it was basically the only thing in the world that could keep me awake and alive. Thi…

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