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A Letter to Abderrahman Bouanane

On Friday, 18 August 2017, you brought a new type of terrorism to Turku, Finland. The police say that you had ideological reasons. I hope that by now you have realized that your ideology was profoundly lost in the streets of Turku.
Those people chasing you, after you had stabbed two to death and wounded eight, showcased the readiness of people living in an open and democratic society to defend others.
These heroes – Arya, Ahmed, Hassan, Vesa, Teemu, Mikko, to mention a few – will be remembered, while you will be forgotten in a few months after your verdict; your name means nothing. You tried to build hatred and fear towards migrants in Finland, yet half of the men trying to stop you were migrants or tourists. You must feel like an idiot.
Special praise is owed to that police officer who, in a difficult situation, kept a cool head and used non-lethal force to stop you. And then protected you from the angry crowd. That's how things are done in an open and democratic society. You wi…

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