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Finns around the world: Päivi Arvonen

Finns around the world: Päivi Arvonen Päivi Arvonen is a journalist, photographer, cultural trainer, and cultural communications consultant. In 2002 she established her one woman company, Diamond Idea and started to work full time as a journalist and as a photographer. In 2003 she received a scholarship from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stay in Cairo for a month. Then she applied for another scholarship in 2004. She was only supposed to stay in Cairo for five months to study Arabic but found herself continually writing articles for the Finnish media because the life and culture there was so captivating. One thing led to another and she ended up staying there for twelve years.
Her photography exhibition Soul of the Forest (Metsän sielu) has travelled around the world as part of the Finland 100 program, celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence. It is currently on display at the Embassy of Finland in Canberra as part of the Finland-inspired Art Exhibition (28 November…

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